Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier

The new house that I'll be moving into has those boring ceiling lights, you know the kind, just there, boring, sooo blah, and sooo not Solaris.. I'd love to replace them with a couple of these...

Small Capiz Shell Chandelier
..but it's $149 at West Elm, and buying a house I'm trying to save as much money as I can.. so when I saw this on Buzzfeed DIY I thought "Hell I can do that in an afternoon!" Turns out I was partly correct**
Here are the materials you'll need:
- wire wreath frame
- white spray paint
- old t-shirt
- iron
- metal cutters
- circle cutter
- glue gun
- wax paper
- white thread and needle
- cutting board
For the supplies I didn't already own (wreath frame, spray paint and wax paper) I spent about $10.
I cut off the outer circle of the frame and then spray painted it white. Trust me, you'll want to do this first so it can dry while you cut out your circles...
all eleventy billion of them...

I set my circle cutter to 2 inches and went to town!! Oh yeah, did I mention that you're going to have to stack the circles in 3's...? Fun....

Take your 3-high stacks of circles, place an old t-shirt over them and use a warm iron to melt them together, that way they'll look a lot more like actual capiz shells than a single wax circle.
You're going to need to make 2 sets of strands for your chandelier (or 3, but hey, if you want to cut more circles, that's all you), one short, and one long. Decided however many circles you want in each strand set, line them up, and sew them together up through the middle... I have absolutely no room in my too small apartment for a sewing machine (I have to do it all by hand) so you can see why I on;y did 2 sets of strands instead of 3 or 4.... but the more strands the better!! Maybe one of these days I'll get really bored and add one in, but for now, 2 will do.
The more opaque circles are from an old lamp shade that I was throwing out, I used the paper to cut more circles (BONUS I didn't have to stack or melt them together).
Take your DRY wreath frame and lay it so the "lipped" side is up. Hot glue your shorter strands to the outside ring, and your longer strands to the inside ring.
I used 3x small hooks to hold the outer ring onto the ceiling.
You know, looking at it, I think I might just make that extra row of strands... what do y'all think?

**It took all day cutting out the damn circles and waiting for the wreath frame to be completely dry, but for $10?? Hell yeah, I'll take that!

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