Monday, July 15, 2013

Lake Smith Photoshoot

This post isn't DIY, but the blog is about things I do when I'm bored, sooooo....

A few weeks ago the boys were over at daddy's house and I was bored (trolling..?) on Facebook when I saw a post by my good friend Bethanne Arthur. Bethanne and I are in the Navy together, but she also has a side gig as a photographer; I kinda don't want to call her an aspiring photographer since she's gotten really good really fast at what she does, so when she posted that she was looking for a volunteer to model for her so she could "shoot for herself" and get some practice in and improve herself I jumped on the chance, especially after she did such an awesome job on my family photos a few months back.

The divorce has been a real blow to my already low self esteem, it felt good to get dolled up and feel pretty and have a little fun for a bit.

Anyways I won't steal her thunder, here she is in her own words on our shoot, and you can check out her photo blog here.

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