Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nautical Birthday Prep: Banners, Bunting, and Paper Sailor Hats

In a little over two months, my little guy will be turning 1 year old. I know every parent says this, but damn does time go by fast.

                                              a few minutes old                                             5 months old
8 months old
This past year has been so shitty for me, James and his big brother Johnny have been one of the few good things in my life so I want his first birthday to be as awesome as he is. For Johnny's first birthday we went with a New York Yankees theme and I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time and money special ordering all of the supplies. For James I'll be going with a DIY nautical theme. His birthday is in September but in between now and his birthday I've also got his baptism, I'm closing on a house, so that means painting, moving, and fixing up, oh and did I also mention that I'm getting ready to transfer to a new command? So if I can get a head start on decorations so it's less for me to worry about later on, then hell yeah, game on.
For the banners and bunting I picked up twine, felt, paint, foam stars, and the wooden letters and shapes I would need from my local craft store for around $25.
First I painted my wooden letters and shapes so that they could dry while I cut out the felt pennants.
I arranged all of my pieces in the order I wanted, lined them up with a long enough piece of twine and sewed the pennants onto the twine.
The foam stars were thick enough that I was able to sew a piece of thread to tie onto the twine, and the wooden shapes were soft enough that I was able to poke a hole using a small nail in them in order to make a hole for the thread and needle to go through and tie them to the twine also.
It's pretty simple to make, it's just really repetitive and tedious. And it's so worth it once you're done; for under $25 I was able to make 5 personalized banners and buntings, and I still have plenty of felt pennants and twine left over, I may even make more bunting for his high chair and the dining table later on.
Now onto the paper sailor hats! You can't have a nautical themed party with regular pointy party hats, you need dixie cups just like real sailors wear! I got the supplies (6in paper bags and rubber bands) from Target for $3.75. I think I might go ahead and frame the receipt because that's the smallest amount I've ever spent at Target in the history of ever. Unfortunately, all they had where brown bags which don't photograph very well, so I'm going to borrow a clip art from
 I'll eventually track down some white paper bags, but since this was just a practice run to make sure I know what I'm doing, the color didn't really matter.

To make this sailor hat, you will need a rubber band, a white bakery bag that is 6" wide when folded, scissors, and a pen or pencil. Fold open edge of bag back 2 1/2", then fold it again to make a brim 2 1/2" wide (sketch a). Cut off bottom of bag. Gather cut end together and pull down through folded brim (sketch b). Put a rubber band tightly around gathered end about 6" from last fold. Cut off excess paper below rubber band. Push gathered ends back through folded brim to form top of hat (sketch c).
And there you have it! Stay tuned for a DIY balloon drop!

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