Sunday, August 11, 2013

Home is Where the Military Sends You

Short post today, I've been super busy running around trying to get the new house ready without Johnny finding out (he thinks Mommy is still looking for a house, he doesn't know that Mommy actually bought one!!)
Being active duty Navy for 7 years, I've already been stationed in a few places... Because of the divorce and my buying a house before checking in to my next command, it just so happens that I've lived in a different house for every duty station, which works out nicely for this next project.
I bought a shadowbox at my local craft store for about $12, hot glued keys from everywhere I've lived while in the navy onto the piece of cardboard and labeled them with my calligraphy pen. I only wrote the name of the commands and where they're located. Imagine how awesome the shadowbox would look after 20 years worth of commands!

I'll probably make one of those "Home Is Where The Navy Sends You" signs above it later on, but for now it looks good hanging above my key hooks.

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