Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wall Chalkboard and Frame

When Johnny and I talked about what he wanted in the new house, he said he wanted a chalkboard in his room. He already has a New York Yankees theme going on, but I was able to tie them in together.

Here's his wall at the new house:

I went to Home Depot and picked up some baseboard (they will cut them for you if you ask nicely) to use as a frame

I didn't have the ends cut at 45* angles because I wanted to add wooden baseball shapes to go with his Yankees theme.

Tape it off and start painting! I used the chalkboard paint in the can, not the spray on kind. It'll take awhile and a few coats, but I think it was worth it.

I found a lipped black shelf (to match the paint of course!) to hold the chalk and erasers and nailed it so that it lined up with the bottom corner. (It looks darker than the paint because I cured the chalkboard and forgot to wipe it off)

I picked up wooden baseball shapes at AC Moore for less than $1 to put over the corners, I ended up using two nails for each baseball, but it gives it a nicer 3D feel than plain 45* picture frame corners will (that, and Home Depot doesn't guarantee precision cutting so I didn't want to chance it).

And the finished product! I think little man likes it!

It took a day to make this (because of the drying time and the coats) and cost around $30, and the paint was the priciest part.

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