Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sugar Skull Halloween makeup

I've been wanting an excuse to try out Sugar Skull makeup and my friend's creepy photoshoot was it. Here's a quick before and after shots:

I went with a half face to make it more eerie, and mostly because the cheapo Halloween grease makeup makes my face break out. Instead of writing out step by step instructions, I took a series of photos so hopefully that's just as helpful. For all of the color (except for the white grease paint) I used chunky eyeliners in black and gray and lip liner in red. For my first run I used a white eyeliner but it was too shimmery so I had to use the white grease face paint and used a q-tip to fill in the teeth and go around the other drawings and not mess them up. Also, even though I did all of the drawing and filling in before adding the white, you'll want to go back over and redo your outlines just in case the colors get mixed up while adding the face paint.

Also, I didn't use them because this was just a trial run but fake eyelashes are a MUST! The fluffier, the better!!