Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time Out Chair

I saw this on Pintrest and then when I saw how cheap the materials were during my last trip to Ikea I really didn't have a reason not to make this. I think all together this little project cost around $14.

I bought a Mammut chair and the timer from Ikea, the metallic permanent markers and Velcro were left over from another project but you can find them at Walmart. I used an old take out container to trace out the clock face.

I used Velcro instead of just gluing the timer on because when Johnny is in timeout he likes to play with the timer, so I just detach it and hold it in my pocket until his time is up.

James was the first one to test run the time out chair (see arrow). As good an idea this chair is, I don't think it's very effective on 15 month olds (see mischievous smile).

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