Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beer Tasting

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of beer and we love discovering our new favorite beer (the next one!) but drinking home alone is a sign of alcoholism so we came up with Beer Tasting and Game Nights - nothing too extravagant, just a bunch of friends sitting around playing Cards Against Humanity and trying out new to us drinks.
The inaugural lineup

The St Paddy's Day lineup
And did I mention we have a score sheet? Otherwise we'd just be a bunch of losers sitting around drinking, now we're all official like! And hopefully once it warms up we can move the festivities outside for grilling, fire pit, and corn hole :-)

*I'll update this to have a link to the template*
Total Wine has been awesome about helping us find new beers to try out, and we've been having a lot of fun with the last two Nights. The last one had an Irish beer and food theme since it fell around St. Patrick's Day, since I'm going to be super busy and Sean is out of town in April I think our next one (late April/early May) will have a Mexican theme for Cinco de Mayo. Do you have any beer or food suggestions for us?

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