Sunday, April 27, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K

Yesterday I completed my first non-Navy related 5K with my boyfriend and his youngest son. Color Me Rad is a themed 5K where you get colored (and sometimes scented also) cornstarch thrown at you at certain intervals of the track called "color stations". Since the boo lives in Hampton, I ran the Newport News one with him, benefiting The Green Foundation of Newport News. You're getting pelted with color bombs, you're being active, and helping a local charity, what's not to love?


 I especially loved that I was able to take home a few color packets and to buy a color bomb (basically works like an air horn but shoots out the colored corn starch instead) to take home to my boys who spent the morning with daddy. My oldest knew Mommy was "in a fun race" that morning so he was super excited when I set up an mini course for him and his brother to run through in the yard and of course pelt each other with corn starch with a mandatory sprinkler station at the end before going inside the house.


Because it's corn starch, everything washes out in the laundry, kid tested, Mommy approved!

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