Monday, May 12, 2014

Download Microsoft Office w/ Military discount

I can't live without Microsoft Office, I use it for everything at work but if I want to use it at home I I've got to download it to my computer... Microsoft Office normally costs about $400, and I'm not made of money. Fortunately, the good folks at Microsoft have made it available to military at a heavily discounted price - $9.95 for qualifying emails (,, or If you're a veteran, no need to fret, you can still download it for $62 from Microsoft's military site.

     1. First visit the Microsoft Office military discount download site.
     2. Enter your email address (veterans, visit the link above).
     3. Under "Program Code", enter:
               Army/Air Force - C4FAA257E3
               Navy - 67F2F2491D
               Navy/Marines - 3ABDFFAB76

    4. You'll receive an email with a download link, taking you to this site.
    5. Enter your payment info and you're done!


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