Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pirate Map (How To Antique Stain Paper)

Johnny's been into a pirate kick lately, so I wanted to make him a map to go along with his pirate ship (next post). But nowadays treasure maps are hard to come by and the ones you find are all old and falling apart.
Pirate Map
What I used:
- pirate map template
- a cup of (cold) coffee (you can use tea but it doesn't stain as dark)
- a baster
- a lighter
I use a large plastic container to lay the map in and slowly poured the coffee over it, and used a baster to make sure that all of it was covered.
*CAREFULLY* pick up the paper and lay it on a baking sheet, bake at 250 removing it *immediately* as soon as it is dry.
Take a lighter and place *next to* your dry stained map. The point is to burn off small holes and the edges, not to set the map on fire. It should look like this picture below.
Give it to your little pirate to enjoy!!


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