Friday, August 29, 2014

Nautical Themed Diaper Cake

You will need:

- a 12" dowel
- wooden letters and shapes
- receiving blankets
- a large box of diapers ...size 1 is recommended because babies outgrow the newborn size so quickly (save the box!)
- a glue gun
- twine
- acrylic paint
- teddy bear
- star garland
- spool of decorative ribbon
- rubber bands

I painted my wooden shapes and letters first so that they could dry while I worked on everything else. Roll the diapers so that the decorated part is on the inside and only the white part shows, and use a small rubber band to hold them together.

Cut off small pieces of the star garland and tape it to the top of the dowel (making it look kinda like a fire cracker).

Attach 4 of the rolled diapers to the wooden dowel with a larger rubber band. Make 3 layers of these rings.

For the bottom layer, roll enough diapers to make it 4 rings wide. When you finish each ring, tie a piece of twine to hold the ring together before making the one outside it. For the middle layer, make it 3 rings wide, the top layer 2 rings wide.

Fold the receiving blankets for the middle and top layers horizontally so that they are about 3 inches wide. Since the bottom ring is larger, you will have to fold the blanket for that ring diagonally so that it's large enough to reach all around. Have a friend hold the receiving blanket in the back and tie the ribbon centered over the receiving blanket, knotting it in the back. Follow these steps for each layer.

 I attached the teddy bear using a piece of twine that I ran under his shirt and under the diapers to make it not as visible.

Attach your painted letters and shapes using the glue gun onto the ribbon. If you accidently get some on the receiving blankets, it's okay, it's pretty easy to remove once it's dry.

I strung the rest of the star garland around the top of the cake, and placed one of the wooden ships on top, then added some sock booties to make it look not as plain.

The receiving blankets I bought came in a pack of 4, so I cut out a side of the diaper box and covered it with the last blanket (to help support it, and to make it look prettier). The other 3 sides of the diaper box are still perfectly functional so I slid the cake in there to make it easy to transport in the car.

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