Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Doctor Who Kid's Dalek Halloween Costume

My kids really are my little mini-me's. No really they are, they love cooking, Chuck Berry, classic cars, and besides my boyfriend they are probably the biggest nerds I know, so it's no surprise that they ended up Whovians. As much as they love their superhero comic book Lego cartoony SyFy channel movies, Doctor Who is the only show that they will actually stay on the couch the entire time it's on, so when Johnny asked me this year to be a Dalek for Halloween I said "Challenge accepted..?" (mostly because I had no idea how I was going to make a good enough looking robot on the cheap and still comfortable for a little dude to wear at the same time.
- collapsible measuring cup set (use the 1/3 cup)
For the dalek headpiece I started by sawing a couple of Dollar Tree tumblers in half, and cut off a plastic champagne glass at the stem. I cut the handle off of the 1/3 measuring cup (I colored the inside blue because Johnny wanted his dalek to be blue) and hot glued it to the base of the champagne stem. The tumblers and the rest of the champagne were too heavy to be held up with hot glue alone, so I used *small* strips of blue duct tape to attach them, and aluminum foil to cover up the duct tape strips that were showing.

Now that was simple enough, but now I had my first problem: how do I make it stay on Johnny's noggin? Easy solution, I had bought his brother a pair of shoes a few months ago and still had the box lying around. A few strips of duct tape later and the dalek headpiece was good to go!
- small rectangular box
- collapsible measuring cup (1cup)
- pack of ball pit balls
 Start off by cutting out the bottom of the trashcan. I duct taped the dowels to the front of the trash can, poked holes in the small box for the to fit through, then duct taped the box to the trash can. The bf removed the paint roller from it's metal handle and I poked a hole through the measuring cup and slid them onto the dowels to make the weapons. I measured out the foam board so that there was 6 separate pieces, and taped them at an angle to mimic the dalek's body. The photo shows a piece of pool noodle on top of the body but I ended up wrapping only the bottom in a pool noodle (with a slit running down the and plenty of duct tape to help hold it onto the trashcan and foam boards.

I used black rubber sealant spray to evenly coat everything (regular spray paint will damage foam, you can also use clear or white sealant then go over it with regular spray paint for more colorful options) and little squares of aluminum foil to cover the duct tape holding the dowels in place. I also clipped black suspenders to the trash can so that Johnny could just slide his costume on.
The final and easiest step! Cut blue ball pit balls in half and hot glue them to the painted foam boards!
I'm not a fancy pants photographer (I'm working with an old ass camera phone here!) but the angled foam boards really do make it look more dalek-ish than if you were to just lay them flat or just slap some paint on the trash can, especially from the side. When Halloween rolls around I'll definitely be updating this post with some side pictures, and maybe some of Mommy as the TARDIS and Quinn as K9 :-|
10/19/2014 UPDATE:
My monsters won first prize in their age group at Hunt Club Farms' kiddie costume party!


  1. I absolutely love this!! I'm attempting to make this for my little monster :D

    1. I ran into an issue when I could only find adult suspenders at the store, I folded and taped them over but the costume still hangs low (so little man can't walk as fast).

      Good luck! :-)