Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIY Firepit

An early day off of work + kids staying at Daddy's = a very productive Momma! I was able to go grocery shopping, mow both the lawns, and build this (which freed up a lot of space on my too small deck!) before hanging out with the BF.

You will need:

- a 30"-36" firepit with removable base
- 2 bags of decorative stones or large pebbles
- 28 6"x8" RockWall garden wall blocks in palomino (or whatever color you like)
- 31 3.4"x9" RockWall caps in palomino
- a small roll of weed blocking tarp
- a shovel

1) I used a shovel to dig up the grass so it was just a patch of dirt before I laid down a 4ft section of the tarp (I did a double layer of the tarp because I really hate weeds).

2) Make a ring with the first 14 6"x8" blocks.

3) Add the bags of decorative stones, distributing evenly before adding the top ring (staggered, not directly on top of each other for more support).

4) Add the RockWall caps on top, and go ahead and cut off the excess tarp from around the stone rings.

5) Remove the fire pit bowl from it's base.

6) Place the bowl into your stone fire pit, pull out the stone caps slightly until the bowl sits flush with the stones.

....oh, and I totally used my kids' wagon to move the stones from the car to the backyard, Carry those heavy stones 2 at a time? Ain't nobody got time for that!

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