Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PVC Pipe Marshmallow Blow Gun

 A really cheap and easy way to keep the monsters busy, and a great rainy day activity (should probably be done outside so you don't get ants).

What you will need:

- 1x 1/2 inch wide pvc pipe, about 27inches long
- 2x T joints
- 2x electrical joints
- 2x end caps
- electrical tape
- wii gun scope

The pipes are small enough that they can be cut with a handsaw (don't grip too tightly if using a vice!) I used five 3inch pieces, one 5inch piece (blower), and one 7inch piece. Slap some paint or designer duct tape on the pieces if you're feeling a little froggy.


The electrical tape was added to the mouthpiece so they wouldn't cut their lips thanks to Mommy's "awesome" sawing skills. The scope is from a Wii remote found at a Goodwill and attached using clear packing tape.
Load your mini marshmallows in the barrel (and practice good gun safety!).
Last step, let them run wild and be boys!
Guess where James got shot....


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