Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcycled Girl's Princess Desk

I haven't had an actual get your hands dirty project in awhile and idle hands are the devil's playground so I asked (begged??) my friend if I could make something for her daughter in their new house.
The BF and I found this awesome end table at a thrift store for $15, wuuuuuuuut?!?!

On the way to his house (because he has all the cool tools in his garage) we stopped by Target and picked up some wooden clothespins, a placemat and drapery rods. We chose the rods because they looked like princess scepters and that's what S is into. I chose the fox placemat instead of a Disney Princess one because 1) I had to trim the edges to make it fit on top of the desk and one of the princesses was going to end up losing a head or hand, and 2) working with all that pink and throwing Disney Princesses into the mix just hurts my soul.

We started off by taking off the doors and gutting out the inside.

BF: "Can you hold it still so I can get it in the hole?"   Me: "hehehehehehehe...."
After drilling 2 holes each through each drapery rod for support, we lined them up to the back of the table to drill the holes for the screws.
I traced out the placemat on the center of the table, and stripped that area of the vinyl so that the placemat would lie flush against the table. The rest of the table I sanded and hit with a white primer before painting it cotton candy pink. I left the underside of the table primer white, I thought it looked more girly than the splotchy brown paint that was there. After the paint dried I put the placemat in its spot, super glued where the mat and painted part of the desk met to make sure it would lay flush when I went over it with the polyurethane. After that I went around the mat with brass nails (matching the drawer handle's color) just for decoration.
I clear coat the entire table and put an extra thick layer on the tabletop, Then I attached the drapery rods to the back and tied some string (use rubber bands to keep it from slipping down the pole) and added silver painted clothes pins.
 And just for a little extra pop of color I went inside the lines with white paint using a fine nail polish art  brush.
I really hope S likes it enough to make artwork to fill up her new house :)

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