Thursday, December 25, 2014

DIY Kid's kitchen with sink and stove

The monsters love to help me in the kitchen, but as much as I love that they're learning to be independent adults, they can get underfoot sometimes so for Christmas this year the BF and I made them their own kitchen out of an old nightstand we found at a thrift store. Just kidding, the BF made it, because the electroluminescent (E L) wire took so long to be shipped (that's what I get for not choosing 2-3 day shipping in December) I wasn't able to take time away from the boys to help him out as much as I wanted to.

I found the nightstand at a Goodwill for $15; the bottom was busted so we decided to put a rack at the bottom, a tension rod and curtain and that could be the storage for their pots and pans.

We used a jigsaw to cut out the holes for the sink, oven, and faucet. The sink is secured with Gorilla Glue and we used plexiglass for the oven door, fastened with screws from the inside. We took the sides off the drawer and attached cabinet hinges to the bottom of the drawer front so that it opened outwards. BF attached a wire shelf rack and painted it all black inside the oven. The bowl and faucet we found cheap at Walmart and our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

For the stovetop we used another piece of plexiglass. We laid mosquito coil on top of the plexiglass and spray painted black over it, leaving a coiled burner shape. BF used a jigsaw to cut out a rectangle on top of the nightstand, we laid the plexiglass painted side face down, and screwed it on from the top. We also added a backboard so we could attach a small shelf to put spices or hang towels from.

Once the EL wire came in (I ordered 3 packs) BF built a box under the stove top plexiglass to put 2 under as burners, and shaped the last one as a heating element in the oven (EL wire can be cut down to size). He attached switch boxes under a switch plate we put towards the back of the nightstand near the back board, and hot glued plastic pieces to the buttons (they were too tiny for kiddie fingers) to make it easier for the boys to turn off and on. And to save on batteries (each EL battery pack takes 2 AA) and to make it easier to switch out batteries, he wired them to an old Tickle Me Elmo battery pack, cut a hole in the back of the nightstand, and mounted it there.
The monsters love this kitchen set, out of all the things they had asked Santa for, this stove that wasn't even on their radar is their favorite and I can't thank BF enough for all his help!!


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