Friday, January 23, 2015

Light-up Little Girl's Iron Man Tutu

One of the girls at work has a little girl turning 6 soon. Mom was lamenting how everything her house has been taken over by Frozen, Elsa this, Anna that. Fortunately as a tomboy mom of two manly boys I don't have to deal with princesses (although I have had the girls can be just as badass if not more discussion with the 5yr old), but that also means that I don't know what to buy for little girls. Good thing Mom said that her daughter was into Iron Man, who just so happens to be my favorite (male) superhero and not just because of my next ex-husband RDJ.

First I want to apologize for the horrendous cell phone photos of this project; I did all of the sewing during a particularly slow night at work and didn't take photos of the progress. And to top it off I was in a rush to get it wrapped so I couldn't take the time to lay everything out all nice and pretty like.

I bought the tutu and 3m long red EL (electroluminescent) wire on Amazon, and a square of red felt at Walmart.

I made a pocket for the battery pack out of the felt (I left a little bit of the battery pack sticking out, but it goes all the way in so it's not poking and digging into her back) and sewed it on the inside of the waistband.

Because of the way tutus are made, I ended up using all 3m of the EL wire. I attached it to the bottom of the tutu using an overcast stitch method.

And just for shits and giggles I added a clip on light up arc reactor to the Iron Man shirt I got her.

I really wish I had taken the time to set it up to take better photos, these really don't do the getup justice.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Homewyse - Home Renovation Project Estimator

I bought my house in the summer of 2013 as a forclosure; it was a pretty good deal, it wasn't detroyed to pieces like the forclosure homes you hear about on the news, and the owner was a contractor so that means when things fell apart the guy could fix it right? And when I first introduced myself to the neighbors they showed me little things in their houses that he had worked on/upgraded for them that looked amazing, so it sounded promising, right?

...In real life not really. The more I walk around the home the more I feel like crying when I start thinking about how being a grownup is not all cracked up to be. So far I've discovered that I need to overhaul my ENTIRE kitchen, replace my fence, redo all the bathrooms, the deck, the driveway... it almost makes me miss living in an apartment... almost...

As a single mom providing for 2 little dudes and no the US Navy won't just go and give me a raise no matter how nicely I ask (and they don't do overtime either, booooo!) it really helps to know that with all the shit I'm going to have done to the house that I won't get ripped off, which is why this website is pretty awesome.

Homewyse is a great resource for pricing your rennovations; it takes the average price of contractors in your area and includes the price of material and labor too, so less Googling and time wasted for you!

I mentioned I need my driveway redone, right?

Obviously after clicking on Installation, I'd choose Concrete, then Install Concrete Driveway.

Then type in your zip code and sqaure footage and viola!

What it doesn't include is sales tax, permit fees, and things like that, but still it's better than going in blind and and getting ripped off by Jim Bob or whoever woke up that morning and decided to be a fence builder, and from reading on message boards people usually end up paying either right at or below what Homewyse estimated. And if you're on the move, you can use this touch screen friendly version at the bottom of the homepage here. This awesome site also has a list of terms (don't know what an electrical insulator is? look it up!) so you can sound smart when calling around. On the downside it doesn't list contractors but you can always check with your local Better Business Bureau before hiring someone.