Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Candy Free Valentine Cards for Kids

I saw these originally posted on Buzzfeed and they looked super cute so I decided that we'd try to make them at home. That, and I figured with all the other kids were going to be giving out that these would be a nice change of pace.

For James' toddler class we made the bubble valentines. I bought the bubbles in a 24 pack on clearance at Target's party section. The cards I printed off on cardstock from The Trisha B Blog, punched holes at the top, and used small rubber bands to attach them to the bubbles.

Now for Johnny's pre-school class, I printed off the hearts in blue, red, green, and purple from MommyGaga. Mommy used a paper cutter to cut two slits for Johnny to carefully slide the glow sticks through (a pack of 30 glow bracelets in Target's dollar aisle), then we glued the arrowheads and feathers on them.

They turned out pretty good for last minute Valentines, and all the little monsters enjoyed them.