Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Treat Bags

Because I'm military, sometimes my boys have to stay at their grandparents' for a few days at a time while Mommy works. When I'm at work I miss them so much that it's like I magically forget how nutty they are. I also like to leave them little surprises on their toyboxes for them to find when they come home so they know Mommy was thinking of them. With St. Patrick's Day a few days away, I wanted to leave them a little leprechaun themed treat.

What you'll need:
- a pack of rainbow Twizzlers
- gold foiled candy (chocolate coins, mini reeses, whatever your kids are into)
- treat bags and ribbon (or sandwich bags

Put the gold candy in the bottom of the treat bag first, then put the twists in  order (ROY G. BIV, anyone?) bent to look like a rainbow. Tie shut with the ribbon and you're done!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Media Storage Bins as nail polish display/Girly Closet revamp

Sometimes it sucks that the dude and I aren't in a position to sell/rent/get rid of our houses and find a nice place for us and our youngin's to live together all happily ever after like.
Other times, who cares, I'm not married, it's my house, I do what I want. If I want a pink girly closet in bedroom, then I'm gonna have a pink girly closet.
In my dresser I have a drawer full of nail polish so disorganized that I can't ever find the color I'm looking for. I knew that just like with my makeup, I'd have to find a way of organizing the nail polish.
I bought a couple media bins from Target, some inspirational wall art from Icing's, my awesome Funko Pop! figures (Wonder Woman, She-Ra, and Bernadette from Big Bang Theory), and a photo of my monsters for a morning reminder of why this Mommy does what she does.
So, the steps:
1) Paint wall (carnation pink in semi-gloss, flat looks crummy and I didn't want the paint rubbing off on my clothes).
 2) Hang up displays (use anchored screws to support the weight!!), art, whatever else
3) Not pictured, but I also added a storage ottoman... you know, for hiding the monsters' birthday presents, and sitting and looking at all the shoes I wished I had :(
4) Command hooks for the purses! They are the shit. Seriously, invest in them, they do the job without putting unwanted holes in your walls.
 reactor ironman display&_fscr=1
I love my arc reactor, it was a gift from a few commands ago. Oh, and it also adds back whatever cool points my tough gal reputation lost by having a girly closet.