Thursday, March 12, 2015

Media Storage Bins as nail polish display/Girly Closet revamp

Sometimes it sucks that the dude and I aren't in a position to sell/rent/get rid of our houses and find a nice place for us and our youngin's to live together all happily ever after like.
Other times, who cares, I'm not married, it's my house, I do what I want. If I want a pink girly closet in bedroom, then I'm gonna have a pink girly closet.
In my dresser I have a drawer full of nail polish so disorganized that I can't ever find the color I'm looking for. I knew that just like with my makeup, I'd have to find a way of organizing the nail polish.
I bought a couple media bins from Target, some inspirational wall art from Icing's, my awesome Funko Pop! figures (Wonder Woman, She-Ra, and Bernadette from Big Bang Theory), and a photo of my monsters for a morning reminder of why this Mommy does what she does.
So, the steps:
1) Paint wall (carnation pink in semi-gloss, flat looks crummy and I didn't want the paint rubbing off on my clothes).
 2) Hang up displays (use anchored screws to support the weight!!), art, whatever else
3) Not pictured, but I also added a storage ottoman... you know, for hiding the monsters' birthday presents, and sitting and looking at all the shoes I wished I had :(
4) Command hooks for the purses! They are the shit. Seriously, invest in them, they do the job without putting unwanted holes in your walls.
 reactor ironman display&_fscr=1
I love my arc reactor, it was a gift from a few commands ago. Oh, and it also adds back whatever cool points my tough gal reputation lost by having a girly closet.

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