Sunday, May 31, 2015

Easy One Glass Sangria

So let me start off by saying how much I hate wine. White, red, rose, moscato, chardonnay, it all tastes like crap to me. I can't even do communion wine at mass because I start making faces likes it's the actual blood of Christ. Yet I love me some sangria.... yeah, I don't get it either... Anyways, here's a pretty bomb-ass recipe for sangria...

1. Muddle some mixed berries in the bottom of your glass.

2. Pour in a shot and a half of orange liqueur and 6oz of red wine. Not knowing anything about wine I choose Divalicious Red by Little Black Dress, because LBDs go with every thing, right..??

3. Fill up the rest of your glass with Sprite or club soda (I like to mix them).

4. Stir and enjoy!


Now I picked out a red wine at random and it happened to work out great, but what do you wine connoisseurs out there recommend?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sun Tea


O. M. G. the weather lately, it's like the devil himself decided to vacation here in Virginia Beach! Temperatures in the upper 80's and I've only seen the ice cream man drive down my street once so far (-_- ) Oh well, at least there's always sun tea! You'll need 4-6 bags of tea depending on strong you like yours (we do Red Rose because my son likes the figurines), a gallon of water in a sealable pitcher or container, sugar (to taste), a sunny day, and about 5 hours.

I like to remove all the tags (except for one) knot all my tea bags together to make it easier to take out, and I leave the one tag hanging outside of the lid so I don't have to go hand fishing for tea bags.

Put your knotted tea bags in the pitcher of water and set out on a sunny spot outside for about 5hrs or until the tea is steeped to your liking. Sweeten with sugar because Sweet Tea is the Best Tea!! and serve over ice with lemon slices.