Monday, June 29, 2015

DIY Outdoor Cooler from pallet wood

I'm gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for the lack of details in this post, I had the dude build this for me and he's not big on writing steps down or taking photos until his project is finished, but he did use these plans for inspiration with some minor differences:

- Since we used pallet wood (which is already pressure treated) and I like the way the weathered look turned out it we did not use paint or sealant.

- We used a plastic cooler, not Styrofoam.

- He used 2 pallets, leaving him with enough wood to make a bottom shelf (eventually we will add a table shelf to the side to rest drinks on).

- We decided not to add an ice scooper since we don't really do iced drinks (bottled water, juice boxes, and beer).

- Added a magnet a few inches under the bottle opener to catch the bottle caps, didn't want the dog to eat them or rain water (and breeding bugs!) to collect in a cap catcher

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Growing Family!


So what would you think if someone sent you a photo like that? Yay new nephew/niece/grandbaby/little person right? Well, I sent that photo to my Momma, then turned my phone off for bit because that's my idea of a good time 😂😂😂

In reality, I, much like the cat I adopted from the Virginia Beach SPCA last weekend am neutered so you can imagine my poor momma's confusion when I sent her just the same "new baby announcement" photo that y'all just saw.

For help in my prank, I enlisted the help of one of my photographer friends, Kim from Anchored Souls Photography. We did all the typical new baby poses, reading in bed, bathing baby, and introducing to siblings...



In my defense, my mom has known me for XX years, she should know by now to expect these sort of shenanigans from me  !!!

We decided to keep his name (Felix) because how'd you like to be known as Bill all your life, on your birth certificate, on your driver's license, that's what your Nan-Nan and Papaw call you, then one day people just start calling you Tony? Not cool, right? I was worried about Felix and Quinn getting along but they've been like peaches and cream and a great testament to all the wonderful pets waiting for their furever homes at your local shelter or rescue.

If you're looking for your next family member, please check out Petfinder, you can search dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, horses (and more!!) and there are options for gender, age, and BREED SPECIFIC so really, why would anyone fund the puppy (and kitten) mill industry and buy?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

S'mores Dip

Oh Em Gee it's been raining cats and dogs here all last week so we haven't been able to make s'mores in our firepit like I promised the boys. The next best thing? Oven baked S'mores Dip!
You'll need:
- 1 bag semisweet chocolate chips
- large marshmallows
- cast iron skillet
(coconut flakes optional)

Preheat the oven to 450• and cover the  bottom of the skillet with the chocolate chips. Sprinkle coconut flakes over the chips. Stand the marshmallows up on top of the chips. Sprinkle more coconut flakes on top if that's what you're into. Put the skillet in the oven and bake until the tops of the marshmallows are toasted. Serve warm with graham crackers (be careful handling the hot pan!).
Tip: You can rewarm the pan to make it easier to scoop out into the trash when you're all done, otherwise you'll have to soak the pan overnight which isn't good for the skillet.
Final step: Enjoy in your favorite make believe hammock!
"Mom, James won't let me relax and eat my s'mores!"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Backyard Drive-In Movie Theater

So yesterday the dude and I tried to surprise the boys by taking them to the pool. The first one was filled to capacity so we went to another one. After getting to the second one, they shut down the adult pool because someone threw up in it, and a little bit after that the kiddie pool was also shut down because some kid got hurt and was taken away by ambulance. At least we were able to surprise them with our big summer project!

I am in love with all things retro and vintage, with drive-ins being no exception. I would love to take the boys to an actual drive in, but unfortunately the closest one to us is in Goochland, 2hrs away so we can't just hop in the car and go on a whim, but the dude and I definitely plan on taking them this summer. Lucky for the little monsters, the next best thing we can do for them is make them a dome version!

What you'll need:

- heavy duty ceiling plant hooks
- a pull down projector screen
- a portable projector
- speakers (if your projector's speakers aren't loud enough)
- an extension cord
- a heavy object or weight of some sort to hold the screen still
- K style gutter and endcaps if you plan on leaving the screen outside for long periods of time

The dude rescued a projector screen from an office place that finally decided to join the digital age, and he was also able to get me some computer speakers (you can almost always find a decent pair at your local thrift store).

If you want to leave your projector outside permanently and want to protect it from the elements, cut a section of gutter material down to size to fit over the screen (I got the nice guys at Home Depot to do it for me when I bought mine), and make holes where the hooks will attach, and cover the ends with the end caps. The dude forgot to bring his tools to make the holes, but I'll update this post with pictures/directions when we get around to doing that...

Find a spot close to an outlet that can support the weight of the projector and drill a hole for your hooks.

When you pull the screen all the way down, you might notice that it sways with the breeze. We stopped this by using a 5lb dumbbell I found in a thrift store and a short bungee cord.
I have a bench I saved from a dining set I gave away, and it's the perfect height and length to set up the projector, speakers, and still has room for the boys to put their popcorn and snacks wile they sit in their power wheels Jeep.

You can ask around at schools or even offices where they're going digital if you can have the screens they're going to toss away anyways, you might even be able to score a projector if you're lucky. Oh, and if you can set up your laptop to the projector, you can definitely have karaoke nights too!
PS If you're interested, here's where you can find your local drive in theater.