Friday, July 3, 2015

Kids Poker Chip Reward System

I have two little boys and they are.... rambunctious? Yeah, that's the PC term, we'll go with rambunctious... The timeout chair works great on the 2yr old, but not the 5yr old so I have to get extra creative with him.

We got the poker chips from the thrift store and labeled them 1, 2, 5, and 10 on the front and one, two, five, and ten on the back (might as well work on those reading skills too!) If he has a good day at daycare, he earns a 1, and another 1 if he has a good rest of the day at home. For extra good days he can earn higher denominations or if he has enough he can trade them in (learning math skills too, whhaaaat??). Once he's collected enough in his pickle jar he can use his chips to buy little prizes, with the prices set by the dude and I. We always have a few little surprises on hand (thrift stores and Target's $1 and $3 aisle are awesome for stocking up), or he can use the higher chips to buy an outing to the movies or bounce house or wherever he wants to go. This also works great for kids that want instant gratification (ex: being good today and going to the pool today, but have a harder time being good all week and then going to the pool on the weekend) because then they can see that they are actually working towards a goal. Wait, did we just secretly teach him patience?? Another win!

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