Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Garland for Kids

My oldest monster had a Fall Harvest class party recently and the call went out for Room Moms to come up with activities for the children, so of course I had to volunteer! What kid doesn't like bringing inside and showing off the biggest leaves they can find (and then crumbling them up on the carpet for Mom to clean!!!); here is a way to do that with less mess.

What you'll need:
- felt squares in 4 different fall leaf colors
- 4 large leaves (different kinds)
- red felt squares
- darker green felt squares for the apple leaves
- 3-5ft of twine
- printer paper for tracing on
- hot glue gun (I used fabric glue when we did this in glass)
- scissors
- sharpie

Start by tracing out your leaves on the printer paper (I have 4 pictured, but only chose 3 to leave room for the apple shape).
Cut the cut-out shapes to use as stencils on your felt squares.

Cut 2 small perpendicular lines near the top of the shapes. This will be to thread the twine through, if you do it more towards the center they will flop over and not look as pretty when hung up.

Use your fabric glue or hot glue gun to glue the leaves to apples, being careful not to cover up the cuts for the twine.

Thread your twine through your shapes and display your little monster's handiwork!

TIP: If you're doing this as a school activity it helps to pre-cut at home and separate in Ziploc bags.

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