Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY Cat Window Perch

Okay, so this next project was made up by my boyfriend, meaning that I have no measurements to go off of because much like Heath Ledger's joker he just does things... Don't worry, I'll edit them in later...

What you'll need:
- 2x 1" pipe corners
- 2x 1" pipe T's
- 4x heavy duty suction cups
- 22"x16" felt (we used leftovers from Felix's Yellow Bag of Tricks project)
- 2x 1" pipes, cut to 18"
-2x 1" pipe for the sides, cut to 12"
- 4' hanging wire
- 2 hanging wire clips

Cut and fold 2" flaps onto all sides of your felt. you will sew these so there's a pocket to insert the pipes through.

After you've inserted the pipes you can connect the T's on the side that will face the window and corner fittings on the outside. Drill small holes in to the open ends of the T's to hang onto a couple of the suction cups.

Remove the corner fittings and drill 2 small holes right next to them to thread 2' of the wire through, clamping the ends on both sides. Attach the other end of the wire to the other 2 suction cups and clamp the ends.

Make sure that the perch is level so kitty doesn't tumble out!

Felt of flannel are excellent fabrics because they have some give (our cat is 9lbs and jumps into it, so far he hasn't broken it) and they hold warmth, but you can experiment with other fabrics if you have a heavier cat.

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