Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Christmas Lights Stealing Grinch

I LOOOVVVEE Christmas, but hate the high electric bill that comes along with all the decorating. My boyfriend says I am the "Who" to his Grinch, so here's a post for minimum decorations, but still gets the point across :)

...Also we were able to build 2 Grinches with about $45 in material (not including what we already had lying around) when these are being sold for upwards of $175 each on Etsy; I'm not bashing those that are lucky enough to be able to find a money making hobby but I'm also all about saving money.

What you'll need:
- 4'x8' 1/4in thick plyboard
- paint: red, white, grinchy green, black, yellow
- pencil
- projector
-  jigsaw

We searched on Google Images for a good picture that we liked, doubled it, and fit it onto one page using powerpoint, or MS Paint if you're lazy like me. We then took that image and projected it onto the 4'x8' plyboard and traced it out with a pencil.

After they are traced out (takes a few hours!), cut out your Grinches with a jigsaw.

After they are cut out you can start your painting; I added a clear acrylic coat afterwards to help keep it from rotting or the paint from running.

Use the leftover pieces of plyboard to build a base or stake to attach your Grinch to and display!

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