Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Curtain Rod Multi-Stocking Holder

Sometimes when you have a combined family (or treat your fur babies like your real babies) you end up with too many stockings. Stores know this, which is why every year they put out a new style of stocking holders (and stockings!!) that won't match last years so you have to buy a new set(s) whenever there's a new addition to your family. I'm too anal retentive to have mix matched stocking holders, and though I can't find 9 coordinated stocking (the betta fish counts too!) I can at least do something about the first problem.

I used 4 of last year's stocking holders (you may need less depending on how many folks are in your family) and a rounded curtain rod. You can either place the rod on or thread it through the hangers if you have ones like mine. Space out your stockings evenly and jazz it up with a string of battery operated lights!

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