Sunday, December 27, 2015

DIY Play Ice Cubes

What good is a refrigerator if it doesn't keep your food cold? Good thing we made ice cubes for the monsters' refrigerator they got on Christmas, and you can too!

We took Lego blocks and stacked them about 6 blocks high. Wrap the mini Lego tower
in non-stick foil (non-stick on the inside of course). Take out the Lego blocks and pour in clear pony beads.

When you have enough, place them the foil covered pony beads onto a lined cookie sheet, baking at 425 for about 20 minutes, or until they are melted. *Note: make sure your windows are open when doing this!

After they've cooled, remove the foil. You'll have to use a belt sander to grind down the edges. My boyfriend used pliers to hold the cubes while he did this so he wouldn't grind his fingers too.

The end result? Some pretty legit looking ice cubes for your little monsters to play with!

My boyfriend came up with this random idea out of nowhere, what "weird" ideas have you had that turned out great??

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