Friday, December 25, 2015

DIY Upcycled Kids' Refridgerator

This year's big Christmas present for the monsters was like several projects in one. It took awhile to get it all together, but when it was done, boy was it worth the work!

We knew we wanted the fridge to match with the kitchen we, I mean, "Santa" built them last year, and to have that classic round vintage look. After a few months of looking, the boyfriend was able to find the perfect toy box to make it out of at a thrift store, and at only $4 what a steal!

Now to stand it upright and not have it fall over the boys, my boyfriend traced out and cut a base from wood (making it sloping to account for the roundness), and drilled it to the bottom and lower back making it stable.

For the inside, to divide the refrigerator and freezer parts we made and attached a heavy board as a shelf, anchoring the screws to the toy box door divider and the back where they'd be hidden from view.

To make the inside of the door flat like a real refrigerator door shelf, we measured out more wood boards and attached them place.

After a few coats of paint, the shelves were made using cabinet shelves and an ice bucket you can pick up at Wal-Mart or Target.

If you do your measurements properly, you can attach the door shelves to the boards using the screws holding the boards on.

For the coil wiring at the bottom, we attached a 3 connector A/V cable (ends removed), and covered the wires with plastic edging from an old table, and spray painted it.

We went with retro looking door handles (attached with *really* long screws to the back of the boards), and for an extra touch of authenticity we double sided taped on a vintage appliance decal to complete the look!

It turned out great if I do say so myself! And because it started off as a toy box, it can stand up to abuse from my monsters and their little friends that come over to play.

Oh, and what good is an ice box with actual ice? Click here for the instructions!

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