Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wimbly Wombly Doctor Who Crayons

I read a story on the interwebs about a father who got to wondering about what happened to the crayons that come with kids' menus in restaurants, and after found out how they were all thrown out, he started a charity to recycle the crayons by melting them down for for reuse in children's hospitals. I got to thinking about it on a smaller scale, what about all the broken bits and pieces my boys leave laying around, just waiting to get eaten up by one of their furry siblings?

The boyfriend gifted me this awesome silicone mold that I had been using to freeze coffee for iced coffees, but I prefer my coffee hot and didn't want such a thoughtful gift to go to waste (silicone makes it easy to pop out your crayons and won't burst into flames in your oven!).

You won't be reusing this for food!

Heat your oven to 375° and just throw all your broken bits and pieces in the mold, it doesn't matter that the colors are all mixed up, it's supposed to be wimbly wombly!

I put the mold on a cookie sheet just in case so I wouldn't have to chip off crayon wax from the inside of the oven.

Check on your mold, stirring frequently and adding more crayon bits as they melt and shift into the mold's nooks and crannies.

Make sure they're completely cooled off before popping out the crayons.

And what better way to try out your new crayons than on a Doctor Who coloring and activity book???

***You can also add a dash of glitter to the crayon bits to make your TARDIS more intergalactic!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Lego iPhone Stand

Okay, so being a single mom with no after hours / weekend babysitter, I don't get a lot of free time to myself. Good for quality time with my monsters, but bad for quality time with my Game of Thrones or whatever other shows we shouldn't be watching together. The only time I can really watch my shows is when I'm in bed but I have tiny t-rex arms that get tired of holding my phone too quickly.

 The great thing about Legos is that you can build your stand however you want and it's never wrong! You can use mine as a guide, or do yours up all fancy, it's all good :)