Saturday, April 2, 2016

Supernatural FBI badges

Poor Castiel. As if vanquishing monsters and demons wasn't enough, as good a friend he is with the Winchester brothers, he just doesn't fit in.

What the hell am I talking about? Supernatural of course! And if you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to come out from under that rock you've been living under.

My little dudes are obsessed with this show, because what's not to love - two brothers dispatching metaphysical foes, saving the world from doom, all while traveling the country in a badass 1977 Chevy Impala named Baby, so badass that there was an even an episode that took place from the car's point of view.

Now for the uninitiated, you're probably wondering how Dean and Sam Winchester are able to kill all these monsters without arousing the suspicions of the local authorities - by impersonating FBI agents of course, whose aliases all happen to be the name of classic rock musicians (if this sounds ridiculous just remember that it's a fantasy TV show on the CW, just go with it).

My boys love this show so much that last Christmas Santa brought them "Baby" hot wheels but it wasn't enough so I decided to make a little surprise for them while they were
 staying over at their dad's house.

To make the badge, I bought a couple bi-fold business card wallets like the one here, but I did opt for faux leather to make it look more real. Don't worry about the inside sleeves, they will come in handy. By the way, did you know that you can buy FBI badges on eBay? Because you can.... but I like to err on the side of caution and don't want to be catfished by a real government agent on the other end of my online transaction so I went with a couple moneyclips which look just as nice and you can slide them in the wallet's sleeve.

(click for enlarged version)

(click for enlarged version)

For the documentation part, I put them into a business card template in order to get the right size for the wallet (the bottom document should be half the size of a business card). And while you're on the computer,go ahead and add your photo, and use fancy fonts for your signatures. To finish off, I laminated the cards (you know, so they don't get ruined by monster guts) and tossed in a seedy motel key that I picked up at a thrift store.

Last step, put on your favorite plaid shirt, crank up the tunes in your sweet ride and go stop darkness from spreading!