Monday, August 1, 2016

DIY Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann Screw U necklace

As a big opponent or reboots/remake, I was prepared to hate everything about this movie but I actually ended up liking it so much, especially since it came across as as comedy with female leads, and not a chick flick (which I hate). The Columbia Pictures needs to fire whoever was in charge of marketing for this movie because they completely failed this movie; loved it all except for that Fall Out Boy/Missy Elliot cover of the theme song. Seriously it sucks. I like both of them separately but when they come together it's anything but magic.

Last week was RAKit week, a week dedicated to paying it forward, racking up good karama points, and just all around being the good you want to see in the world. As part of the celebration, my local Chive group did a secret RAK exchange, so riding high on the Ghostbusters bandwagon I decided to make a Screw U necklace for my recipient like the one kickass engineer Jillian Holtzmann wears in the movie.

You remember Holtzmann, right? That crazy weird quirky chick? 

How can you not? Her and sweet dumb Kevin made the movie for me.

Anyways, gather up your supplies:

- 1x 1½" split key ring*
- 1x 2": screw
- 1x 18" necklace chain (like the beaded style used for dog tags)
- 1x jump ring
- small sheet of aluminum (0.019" thick)
- jewelry glue or solder
- jeweler's saw

*If you use a 1" split key ring, then you can use a metal letter charm from Michael's, just cut off the top part

Cut I made two necklaces, the one I RAK'ed used a 1" key ring and jewelry glue, and the one I kept used a 1½" key ring and was soldered.

Cut the U out of the metal sheet using the saw. You can insert the screw into the key ring, or you can lay it behind the ring and solder/glue it to the ring. Either way, tape the U to the front side, clamp the ring face down so that it  holds still while you solder/glue the U to the screw.

After attaching the jump ring I found that it also had to be soldered/glued because the key ring would rotate while wearing it.

String the necklace through and enjoy! Don't forget your proton pack!